Branch Management



Sebastian Poser

After his apprenticeship as an Ewerführer and the acquisition of the Hamburg harbor patent, Mr. Poser has been leading tugs and push boats for a long time. Afterwards he was responsible for the distribution of tanker shipping and the disposition of employees and ships by switching to the commercial sector, before he became a member of the management board as an authorized signatory.

After a change of employer to the dry goods shipping sector in 2012, Mr. Poser also took over management responsibilities there as authorized signatory and head of sales. He was responsible for the various tasks in the internal organization,
The company was responsible for project management, customer care and new acquisitions, but also took on association work and represented the company at various events.

As commercial manager and authorized signatory of the shipping company, Mr. Poser is responsible for the scheduling of tanker shipping in Hamburg as well as dry cargo shipping in Bremen. He is also responsible for the commercial management of the technical department.

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